The Good News!
Metaphysical Study of the Gospels
with Rev. Matthew E. Long

This is a thematic study,
focusing on the practical application
of the principles and frameworks for understanding
exemplified in the four Gospels.

Rev. Matthew is a longtime Unity Minister
retired from center ministry
and still excited about teaching unity and Bible Metaphysics.



    Class outline:

    Booklet Introduction

    Booklet index

Session one:
    The Good News
        video 1
    The Birth of Christ Awareness
        video 2

Session two:
   Resist Not Temptation
    Jesus Wonderful Counselor
       video 4

Session three:
    Being Happy
        video 5
    Pray Like This
        video 6

Session four:
    The Kingdom of Heaven
        video 7
    The Problem of Evil
        video 8

Session five:
    Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?
        video 9
    Seven Steps to Transformation
        video 10
     John Gospel outline

Session Six:
    The Final Teachings
        video 11
    The New Life of Spirit
        video 12