Keep a True Lent!
Charles Fillmore’s (co-founder of Unity) Book Study
with Rev. Matthew E. Long

Friday 11am on Zoom.

Through April 3, 2021

Meeting ID: 860 5413 5954
Passcode: GoodNews!


“Lent, then, is a church institution embodying an exalted idea, the idea of cleansing and disciplining both mind and body toward the end of making them more receptive to the Christ ideas.” Georgiana Tree West, pg 5, Keep a True Lent  (a collection of Charles Fillmore's writings)

Ash Wednesday, 2/17/21, begins the forty days of Lent, a time of preparation for the Regeneration on Easter Day. We will be discussing the Metaphysical principles and frameworks presented in the textual materials plus putting into action the techniques presented in the daily lessons.

April 3rd is Good Friday and we will complete the session with a meditation on the "Seven Last Words of Jesus."

Rev. Matthew is a longtime Unity Minister, retired from center ministry and still excited about teaching unity and Bible Metaphysics.

All donations will directed to the home churches of the attendees.

We will be utilizing Charles Fillmore's book, if you do not have the book a digital copy is available here

We will discuss the chapters as outlined below, plus the daily Lenten lessons in the book.

We also invite you to: Take It Up For Lent! – A daily guide to personal transformation


2/17 - Ash Wednesday, begin daily Lenten lessons and the Take it Up For Lent! worksheet.

Class Sessions:

2/19 - Chapters 1-3, The Way to Perfection; The Holy Trinity; The House Not Made with Hands.

2/26 - Chapters 4-6, Christ in You; The Throne of Love; The World Calls to Courage.

3/5 - Chapters 7-8, Conscience; Man.

3/12 - Chapters 9-11, The Philosophy of Denial; The Affirmative Word; Spiritualizing the Intellect.

3/19 - Chapters 12 -14, Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind; Reincarnation; God's Abundance.

3/26 - Chapters 15-17, Faith-Thinking; The Appropriation of Divine Life; All the Way.

4/3 - Good Friday, review and a meditation on the "Seven Last Words of Jesus."

Class completed.

4/5 - Easter Sunday.