"One God Many Paths!"
- an experiential study of the world's religions.


Featured text: Major Religions of the World by Marcus Bach.

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“The history of religion is the thrilling story of man’s upward climb to God…  Out of early man’s bold journey to find God – in his glorious adventure to reach the mountain peak of his experience – he joined with other men...  Together they fashioned their altars and their shrines, and that, simply stated, is how organized religion began.”  (Bach: pages 11 & 12)

“Our search in this study is to discover what each faith does in and for the lives of its adherents.” (Bach page 18)

In this class we will endeavor to increase our understanding and to foster an experience of other spiritual paths.

 Outline for Class:

Week 1: Hinduism – Religion of the One God Who Is Many.

Week 2Zoroastrianism – Religion of Good and Evil.

Week 3: Buddhism – Religion of the Eightfold Path.

Week 4: Judaism – Religion of a Divine Destiny.

Week 5: Confucianism and Taoism – Religion of Good Ethics.

Week 6: Shinto – Religion of the Way of the Gods.

Week 7: Islam – Religion of the Book.

Week 8: Christianity – Religion of the Revelation of God in Christ